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Waking Up Nashville – Cody Johnson’s New Album



Cody Johnson New Album Ain’t Nothin To It

Cody Johnson has released his long awaited studio album, this time partnered with Warner Music Nashville. He has grown a crazy following of fans he call “CoJo Nation”. CoJo nation through the years has grown exponentially due to his story telling, truth, and his unwillingness to surcome to the growing trend of pop country music in Nashville. Johnson has gained one of the biggest fanbases in country all on his own. He’s done this by turning down many big record deals through the years, and producing the music he wants to produce. It shows in his music, his unwillingness to give in and change to what’s popular on the Nashville charts in order to get play on the radio. His fans love how he always sticks to his roots of authentic music, family, his rodeo past, love, and Jesus. By sticking to his morals, and always putting on one hell of a show, CoJo became the first independent artist to ever sell out the Houston Rodeo (80,000 seats).

The only thing Johnson has been missing is consistent play on country radio primarily owned by Nashville. Instead of being a sellout fake country singer to gain pop country popularity, his independent success was finally recognized. Nashville finally woke up and gave this man a record deal he would accept. A 50/50 money deal where he still has full control of the music he plays, where he plays, and he gets to keep the music masters. “There’s been plenty of opportunities to ‘get rich, get famous’ over the years with a label deal that wasn’t right, and I just didn’t really care about it,” Johnson says. “I think that mentality is what landed us a groundbreaking 50-50 partnership with one of the major labels in town. The only person that has the deal that is structured like mine is Kenny Chesney, and I think that speaks to the amount of thought and unwillingness to sacrifice what we had.”

Mainly what Warner Music Nashville is doing is promoting him to a whole new audience. An audience outside of Texas. Cody Johnson is bridging the gap between Texas music and Nashville, something that guys like Josh Abbot, Aaron Watson, and Cody Jinks have struggled to do. Even great bands that have been around the Texas scene for a long time like The Randy Rogers Band have struggle to do so. Proving even more how special CoJo is. Cody Johnson has the power to be popular among everybody…kinda like George Strait…

Cody Johnson, Ain’t Nothin’ to It Track Listing:

1. “Ain’t Nothin’ to It” (David Lee, Leslie Satcher)

2. “Noise” (Radney Foster, Jim McCormick and Gordie Sampson)

3. “Fenceposts” (Robert Arthur and Benji Davis)

4. “Understand Why” (Neil Medley and Randy Montana)

5. “Long Haired Country Boy” (feat. the Rockin’ CJB) (Charlie Daniels)

6. “Nothin’ on You” (Barrett Baber and Trent Willmon)

7. “Honky Tonk Mood” (Al Anderson and Chris Stapleton)

8. “Monday Morning Merle” (Bart Butler, Lance Miller, Brad Warren and Brett Warren)

9. “Ya’ll People” (dedicated to the “CoJoNation”) (Chase McGill, John Osborne and Laura Veltz)

10. “Where Cowboys Are King” (Carlton Anderson, Brice Long and Wynn Varble)

11. “On My Way to You” (Brett James and Tony Lane)

12. “Doubt Me Now” (Casey Beathard and Mitch Oglesby)

13. “Dear Rodeo” (Dan Couch and Cody Johnson)

14. “Husbands and Wives” (live bonus track) (Roger Miller)

15. “His Name Is Jesus” (live bonus track) (Cody Johnson)

Though Johnson did not write the majority of the songs not the album like he normally does, he makes sure to only sing music he believes in and connects with. Music that goes with what he wants to say to the world. Music that needs to be heard.


Cody Johnson Ain’t  nothin to it album art

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New Music

Playlist: New Country Now (Mike Ryan, Triston Marez, Christie Huff & More)



This week is full of great new music, and just like every week we have added all of the great tunes to our New Country Now playlist!

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This Weeks Additions

Arist(s) Name // Track Name
Mike Ryan // Can Down
Triston Marez // Texas Swing (with Squeezebox Bandits & Jessica Roadcap)
Triston Marez // When She Calls Me Cowboy
Riley Green // Where Corn Don’t Grow
Chad Cooke Band // I Wanna Go Out
Tim McGraw // God Moves The Pen
Christie Huff // Black and White (Stripped)
Nate Smith // Sleeve – Piano Version
Arlo McKinley; OurVinyl // The Hurtin’s Done (OurVinyl Sessions)
Ian Munsick // Long Haul – Stripped
Drayton Farley // Blue Collar (Live on RadioWV)
Taylor McCall // God’s Old Tune
Lauren Hall // If I Could
Warren Zeiders // Cover Me Up
Jameson Rodgers // Good Dogs
McCoy Moore // Driveway
LoneHollow // Slide Over
LoneHollow // Lonesome and Alone
Kat Hasty // What Our Parents Taught Us Pt. 3
Tracy Lawrence // You Only Get One
Jesse Stratton Band // Missing It
Tyra Madison // Weekend
Blackberry Smoke // Ain’t the Same
Gracee Shriver // You Can’t Have Both
Tim Halperin // Where The Adventure Begins
Bryton Stoll // Pull Me In
Us The Duo // Name
Walker Hayes // Make You Cry
Hunter Jordan // Burnin’ up a Bench Seat
Mark Collie // The Son of a Gun
Katie Jo // Pawn Shop Queen
Brett Patterson // Lost
Sean McConnell; The Wood Brothers // The 13th Apostle
Jamie Lin Wilson // T Total Tommy
Justin Anderson // Burned out Neon
Kelsey Lamb // When I Remember You
Anna Vaus // Girl in a Bar (Acoustic)
Hunter Thomas Mounce // One Good Reason
Sierra Annie Band; Joey Fleming // Cinematic
Josh Melton // I Get That With You
Josh Gallagher // Bright Side
Lauren Jenkins // Like You Found Me
Callie Twisselman // Two Hands
Priscilla Block // Wish You Were The Whiskey
Jennifer Nettles // Sit Down Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat
LANCO // First Beer
Drew Baldridge // A Beach Ain’t One
Josh Kerr // Backseats and Burnt CDs
Megan Moroney // Haven’t Met Yet
Chris Ruediger // Me Tomorrow
Fancy Hagood // Casanova
Jeb Gipson // Good at Moving On
Easton Chambers // Drove Me To Drinkin’
Karli Ryan // Young Girl
Bailey Callahan // Jeep Thing
Holdyn Barder // Backroad Baby
Andrew James // Polaroid

Last Weeks Additions

Triston Marez // Two Beers on the Bar
Triston Marez // Cold Cold Night
Alan Jackson // Where Have You Gone
Kat Hasty // The Devil in Us All Pt. 3
Kat Hasty // Dear Mama Pt. 3
Kenton Bryant // Covered In Dirt
Joey Greer // Yesterday – live
Canaan Smith // American Dream
Josh Turner // The Answer
Victoria Rose // Caught Between
Sam Riggs // Wasteland
Miranda Lambert // Settling Down – Acoustic
Parmalee; Blanco Brown; Bryce Vine // Just the Way (feat. Bryce Vine)
Taylor Tumlinson // Hold Your Horses
LoneHollow // I Don’t Love You Anymore
Tyler Chase // Hangin’
Nick Hickman // Till Somebody Gives a Damn
Clayton Smalley // Dirt Road Therapy – Acoustic
Tiffany Woys; Jordan Fletcher // I Don’t
Runaway June // My Song
Caeland Garner // X-Girlfriend
Alexis Taylor // Getaway – Acoustic
Grant Gilbert // Trouble Like Us
Jon Randall // Tequila Kisses
Sheyna Gee // Anymore
Ryan Griffin // Salt Salt Lime & Tequila
Elvie Shane // County Roads
Pryor & Lee // Good Ol’ Dogs and God
Ben Kadlecek // Momma’s Heart Whiskey & Lies
Kin Faux // Plainview
Seth Jones // The Last Lesson
Corey Kent // Feels a Lot Like This
Us The Duo // Like I’m Gonna Lose You
Kendall Shaffer // Rollin’ Stone
Becca Bowen // Home
Lauren Hall // Ain’t Gonna Lie
Hannah Hokit // Yellow House
Emma & Jolie; Josh Kerr // How Do I Choose
Esther Rose // When You Go
Reba McEntire // Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen
Annie Bosko // Silver Lining
Drayton Farley // Pitchin’ fits (Live on RadioWV)
Alex Williams // Ain’t Seen Nothin’ yet
Sam Williams // The World: Alone (Acoustic) – Beechwood Hall Sessions
Corey Hunt and the Wise // Watch Rome Burn
Devin Dawson // Whatever Forever Is – LIVE
Julia Cole // Heartless
Cooper Alan // Too Soon
Tigirlily; Alexandra Kay // Somebody Does (feat. Alexandra Kay)
Folks Like Them // When We Were Seventeen
Daniel Jeffers // Moonshine
Kaylee Rose // So Far So Good
Charlotte Ave // Because He Lives / Redeemer
Payton Smith // I’m Fine
Kenny Rogers // Love Lifted Me
Bri Fletcher; Katie Austin; April Kry; Liv Charette; Ashlie Amber; Kaylin Roberson; Brailey Lenderman; Sara Spicer; Tori Allen // Glow
Joe & Martina // Brighter Than Neon
Taylor Goyette // Cool as Cash
Mae Estes // Hell You Raised
Caleb Kennedy // I Miss My Buddies
Kyle Clark // Winning
Allie Colleen // Playin’ House
Gina Venier // Trust Issues
LoneHollow // Love Her

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New Music

Single Premiere: Triston Marez “Texas Swing”



Photo Credit: Brooke Stevens

We are one week away from the release of Triston Marez’s self-titled album. His first full length project following numerous singles and two EP’s “That Was All Me” as well as “Until I Found You”.

Leading up to the full album release Marez has dropped 3 singles, the Ronnie Dunn collaboration “Where The Neon Lies”, as well as “Two Beers on the Bar”, and “Cold Cold Night”. HOWEVER, he is not done yet.

We present to you “Texas Swing” which releases tonight (Thursday, April 8th) at 11pm CST. (Via Torrez Music Group)

Gabe Lee, who’s an incredible writer and artist, had written ‘Texas Swing’ with a different title. My manager – co producer Alex Torrez suggested we get together and make it more Texas centric. The end product sounded like it would be cool to add some accordion on it so we pulled in Able Casillas of Fort Worth based Squeeze Box Bandits to knock it out and he took it to another level. Jessica Dorn added her sweet background vocals and made it all come together. I hope all my South Texas fans love this. But I think the cowboys and cowgirls will love it too. It’s a song for everyone!”

Triston Marez on “Texas Swing”

“Texas Swing” is a unique song full of classic country and Tex-Mex influences paired with Triston Marez’s clean new country sound. Triston’s grew up on 90’s country, being from Houston and coming up in the Texas scene before moving to Nashville. When it comes to “Texas Swing” we get all those classic Triston Marez influences with a big dash of Tex-Mex instrumentation. That is in big part due to the accordion, played in this song by Abel Casillas. The song has a lot of the same instrumentation and sound as Aaron Watson’s 2017 album “Vaquero”.

This song has a little bit for everyone to enjoy, “It’s a melting pot” as Abel Casillas put it. “As far as listeners, its for someone who likes country, and if you don’t really like country and are maybe more into Tex-Mex then its for you. People have a preference of what they like to hear, but I think it is all going to go over well with a lot of people. It is so well put together, produced with great vocals… and again I was so glad to be a part of it playing the accordion.”

“The accordion really pulls together an already great song, I think it just enhanced it and made it something unique. It’s not like something you normally would hear.”

Abel Casillas (Accordion) on “Texas Swing”

“Texas Swing” by Triston Marez drops TONIGHT at 11pm CST

The Self titled full-length album “Triston Marez” drops next Friday (4/16) (Via Torrez Music Group)

Featuring: Abel Casillas (Accordion & frontman for The Squeezebox Bandits) Jessica Dorn (Background Vocals)

Written By: Gabe Lee & Triston Marez

Produced By: David Dorn & Alex Torrez

Check out the rest of Triston’s music (so far)

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New Music

Premiere: Creekland Releases Debut Single “Meant To Me”



Today we would like to introduce the newest band on the scene, Creekland. Led by front man Harrison Haney, Creekland formed at Oklahoma State University in August of 2020 and releases their first single tonight titled “Meant To Me”. Rounding out the band is Mason Bomhoff (Lead guitar), Caden Rhine (Bass), and Rob Borgman (Drums).

Phone interview with Harrison Haney

When did y’all come together, and what is y’alls backstory?

So, um, so we formed in August of 2020 so we’re pretty fresh. But before that, I did a lot of stuff by myself. Just a case of throwing together hodgepodge bands with some other people that I knew. But mostly we have all been together practicing every other day or so. Just trying to learn all the songs.

What can you tell me about “Meant To Me”?

So who meant to me is an interesting one? Because, when you compare it to a lot of the other music we do, it’s very night and day. This song is very forward and in your face. Rather than some of the other stuff we do do that is more easy going.

Meant To Me is a cool song, it’s a made up story about how a girl cheats on a guy. Pretty typical story but with a dark twist to it.

Overall it came from our lead guitarist (Mason Bomhoff) playing a bluegrass riff on his guitar. I was like, “That sounds really cool”. Then we played it on electric guitars with some heavy chords behind it, and I really thought it was something special so we went from there.

What can you describe as the feeling to release your first song?

Um, I would say before anything I’m very excited. It’s always been a dream of mine to release music. So this is a dream come to fruition for me. However, I think immediately after the release I will be very nervous, seeing how it does.

What are your favorite lyrics from “Meant To Me”?

There’s one line in the song that, uh is pretty aggressive and was sort of impulsive when I wrote it. The line says, “It took all of me not to grab my gun, and shoot him right where he was standing. So I grabbed a bat and caved his ribs in.”

I would probably never do that, but it was just an impulsive line that went with the story of the character that you see in the cover art.

What are your biggest influences as a band?

We try to find ways to keep it country, but sometimes you just can’t. So I guess we’re Rock Alternative. One of our biggest influences is Kody West especially his newer stuff. His album “Overgrown” is right up my alley.

So where did you write the song?

I wrote it in Stillwater, Oklahoma like pretty much all the songs I’ve written. Except for maybe a handful of them which have been written in the water.

What’s your favorite whiskey?

TX Whiskey, hands down.

[Full Interview Releases Later Tonight]

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