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Single Spotlight: Dillon Carmichael ‘Hot Beer’ Interview



A couple of days ago we got the chance to catch up and talk with Dillon Carmichaelabout his new single ‘Hot Beer’ written by Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps, Mason Wilson Hardy (HARDY) and produced by Jon Pardi & Ryan Gore.

‘Hot Beer’ starts off with the girl in question “getting all dolled up” and arriving at her ex-boyfriend’s house seemingly to apologize for going crazy the other night, cheating, and wrecking his Ford. The girl tries to play it off by saying she’s just there to “collect her stuff” but she ends up crying and trying to move back in and restart. Typical guilt treatment.

The situation unfolds in a savage fashion, “I’d rather drink a hot beer” followed by numerous dreadful acts that he would rather do than get back with this girl. The song is essentially a big Would You Rather game with the latter option always being “get back together with your ex”.

Here’s a list of my favorite things Dillon sings he’d rather do:

  • “Drink a hot beer” (downright unpleasant)
  • “Work a Saturday just for fun” (who would do that)
  • “Burn all my fishing gear” (expensive)
  • “I’d even pop an O’Douls over you” (gross)
  • “Take a big swig of Uncle Bubba’s old dip spit” (internal suicide)
  • “Go hunting with an empty gun” (that’s called exploring)
  • “Set sail in a hurricane” (death)

Phone Interview With Dillon Carmichael:

How did Hot Beer come to fruition?

Well, so during the quarantine situation, in March, April, Jon Pardi and I started discussing working together and creating music, and he would be producing. We were looking for songs, and a good, great songwriter friend of mine gave me some good advice.

He said, “Dillon man, don’t be so prideful to where you only cut songs you wrote. Elvis didn’t write all his songs you know, some of his biggest hits were written by other people. So always keep your ear open for great songs. Even if you did not write them.”

So hot beer was that song that was written by a lot of people who are familiar with Hardy, and he was actually on the demo. When I heard it, I just knew you know, because nobody likes hot beer. Except for this one guy named Brian that I know in Ohio who loves hot beer for some reason, but other than that, nobody likes hot beer. And, uh and, man, I just knew it was gonna speak to people. Not only that, I love the melody. Also, I’m friends with Hardy. Pardi is friends with Hardy. It just came full circle man. Those full circle moments are organic and they speak to me. I was like, man this is it. So we recorded the song and the record label loved it and here we are, having this conversation.

What’s your favorite lyric from the song?

Uh, the one that really got me was “Uncle Bubba’s dip spit”. I don’t know if you’ve ever drank dip spit but… basically, this guy is going, I will never get back with that girl. That witch of a woman, I’ll never get back with her ever again. Drinking dip spit is such a great portrayal of that feeling.

When did you first hear the song?

It was back in the summer. I was at my tour manager/drummer’s wedding. Jon Pardi sent it to me, and he’s like, “I think you’re gonna love this”. He was right.

Hot Beer was written with Hardy. I’ve known Hardy since 2011, when I first moved to town, he’s one of the first people I met. So, um, you know, having that connection with him for that long is really cool.

Jon Pardi joins Dillon Carmichael on stage for 'Hot Beer'

Jon Pardi joins Dillon Carmichael on stage for ‘Hot Beer’

What other information would you like to tell me?

Well, we were talking about TikTok earlier. I’ve got a sound on TikTok for Hot Beer. I wanna encourage people to use that because it’s a fun tool. You know, it’s a great way to connect to country fans.

You know, we’ll start touring again eventually. I know a lot of the big live performance companies are talking about shows in the summer, being that this vaccines coming out. So y’all please, come see us live because that’s my number one thing if you like my music. If you like my brand and you like everything else online, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, then you’re gonna love the live show. That’s what I focus on. That’s my bread and butter. We’ll play songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and we’ll play Delbert McClinton talking about the Texas folks. We love some Dell and we get on it.

That’s awesome. Are you working on any new music?

Well, no, not right now. I mean, I’m always writing new music, so the answer to that part will always be “Yes”. I’m always creating new music, but we won’t be in the studio for another year. I’ve already recorded about 15 songs that will come out in the next year and a half. So there will be a lot of new music coming out. It’s all in the bag, ready to be released.

A music video will also happen. I’m not I’m not sure when, but it will be soon.

What’s your favorite beer? (cold of course)

Oh, man, I go back and forth, and it sounds horrible. This sounds like a little sissy beer to drink. But I love Michelob Ultra. I love my Mick Ultra.

But, you know, I really like them all. It’s kind of like trucks. I’ve owned a Ford, Chevy, Dodge. They’re all great trucks. Right now I might be on Chevy, last year on the Ford, a couple years from now I might own a Dodge. Same with beer man. I might go on a Miller Lite kick, might go on a Coors Light kick, but right now it’s Michelob Ultra.

Stream “Hot Beer” HERE

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Jacob Stelly Releases “Johnny Walker”



Between the lively tempo, and the opening verse “Hey Johnny Walker watcha doin’ in Louisiana, don’t you call East Texas home” I was hooked immediately. Get hooked on this absolute vibe from the Texas A&M and rising star Jacob Stelly.

Phone interview with Jacob Stelly

Reed: What is the background behind “Johnny Walker”?

Jacob: I wanted to write something about my grandfather, we called him Big John. He passed away when I was in fifth or sixth grade, great guy, but he he was one of the most interesting characters you’d ever meet. He was really just an old hippie. He went and hunted all of his food. He was a hell of a cook, he grew his own pot, and he would just literally just smoke weed pretty much every single day of his life.

So the idea was to write something about him. Then there’s this character, you know that the song is about Johnny Walker, and it all is kind of loosely based off of that drifter lifestyle that he that he led.

The actual name for the song Johnny Walker comes from, my lead guitar players grand grandpa, his name was Johnny Walker. I just I thought that was that name was just cowboys shit when I started writing. But the actual song tracks a story about this musician is kind of traveling all over the country playing music, and um, it’s just kind of three different kind of peeks into his life. He starts off in Louisiana then Chattanooga he’s playing songs for free all the way up to California, and he’s kind of made it at the end of the song. So the whole time it’s kind of a family member or a friend talking to him, asking “Well…what the hell are you gonna do when you’re not writing songs anymore? So that’s kind of where everything comes from and the inspiration behind Johnny Walker.

Reed: When I first listened to the song (for whatever reason) I heard it from the perspective of a sad guy driving down the highway running out of sad country tunes to listen to driving down the highway. This guy is sad and getting over a breakup or whatever in which he was drinking a bunch of JOHNNIE WALKER (the alcohol) haha. Eventually he gets over it, is happy again, reaches success, therefore Johnnie Walker (the alcohol) misses him because he isn’t sad and drinking anymore.

Jacob: Yeah, and so and you bring up a good point, the chorus part I have that kind of double meaning. The idea about it when I was writing it (if you’re looking at it from a really literal perspective) was that it’s somebody asking Johnny Walker, “What are you gonna do when you run out of songs? And, you know, if you assume that he’s a musician then you know, one day, this is all gonna come to an end, and he’s gonna have to figure something out. But, then there’s that other side of the token. A whole lot more general kind of perspective yeah… “What happens when you run out of sad songs to play when you’re going down the road? That’s a really cool perspective.

I’ve always been told that poetry, but especially music, is that 50% of it is the writer and 50% of it is what you bring to the table as the listener.

Reed: What’s your favorite lyrics from Johnny Walker?

Jacob: My favorite lyrics… I think I’d have to say, “Moon dog chasing the greyhound station while he’s young enough to roam”.

That came from a rough draft I had written for the song and it was way different. I was sitting in class one day because, I’m at A&M (and I’m almost done). When I was in class I was kind of humming the melody, you know, “just a moon dog chasing the Greyhound station while he’s young enough roam. And I kept going through my head with it. Like, okay! I really dig that.

Also I’m actually a big Matthew fan. I fucking love that movie The Beach Bum (Matthew McConaughey plays Moondog) That’s kind of where the the idea for that lyric came from. So if I had to pick a favorite line it would be that… “Just a moon dog chasing the Greyhound station while he’s young enough to roam”. It really encompasses the whole energy of the song in one line.

Reed: Where did you write the song?

Jacob: So the the song kind of started off as most of my songs start off; just a melody in my car I was driving to, I guess I was driving up to Shreveport, Louisiana or something. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It wasn’t until I got back to college station, sat in my room and smoked a little weed. That’s my thing I guess it gets me creative haha. So I did a little bit of that sitting in my room until about two o’clock in the morning, and it all came out in about 20 minutes. The first draft of it, um yeah. So I guess if I pick a location, I guess it’d be in my room under the influence of some good devil lettuce.

Reed: What else would you like to add about the song?

Jacob: Well, let me think. I love the song. It’s a little piece of me you know? I feel like I put in a lot of work to this particular song, but man, I mostly am just looking forward to what’s coming out next. I think this is just kinda showing everybody what we’ve been working on, and and the kind of style that we’re we’re kind of transitioning into. I just really like what we’re doing now. I really love the producers we’re working we’re working with. They used to play in six Market Boulevard and we’re working with them out in Stephenville. So, you know, I love the people were working with. I love the sound that that we are developing, and I just I can’t wait for what comes next!



Josh Serato & Ben Hussy (Producers)

Ben Hussy (Bass)
Jack Pirtle (Guitar)
Logan Bowers (Drums)

Jacob Stelly is managed by Dalton Domino & Honco Music Group. He is definitely in great hands over there. If Dalton Domino sees this kids potential (we surely do) and is investing his time into him… be prepared folks for more amazing music in the future.

Stream “Johnny Walker” HERE!

Check out Jacob’s performance from our 2020 Country Underdog Award Show!

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Single Spotlight: Jacob Melton “Pass It Around”



Jacob Melton is a 34 year-old male singer/songwriter from Short Mountain, TN . ‘Pass It Around’ was released back on December 17th! He describes his music as a rock/country mix(like a redneck Rob Thomas). His first solo project and “Self Titled” debut EP released April 10th, 2020. With such tracks as “90 Proof and Smooth”, “Concrete Rodeo” and “Live This Lie” there is absolutely a song everyone can connect with. Finding his own sound rooted in unforgettable melodies and southern soul, he brings a classic style to these modern days of cross-pollinating musical genres.

Interview with Jacob Melton

What is the backstory of ‘Pass It Around’

The song is about all the times we lived for the moment and then looking back and sharing all those memories with the friends e makes them with.

Where did you write the song?

I wrote the song around a bonfire in Temperance Hall, TN with my friend Seth Willowby

Favorite lyrics and their meaning

“I crossed that line a time or three. it’s how it goes being life of the party. Don’t throw stones just roll with me – we all make mistakes, take things too far.. but you have to chalk it up to lessons learned and move on.

What else would you like to say about the song?

The song was produced by Adam Shoenfeld

Are you working on any new music?

I am currently writing songs for a new full LP in 2021

Click To Stream

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Single Spotlight: Hayley Giovinazzo “Lipstick on Your Car”



Interview with Hayley Giovinazzo

Tell me a little bit about you Hayley

I’m a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, from Massachusetts. I’ve been writing music since I was about 11 years old and playing guitar since around the same time. I’m currently a junior in college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin getting my business degree while pursuing music.

What’s the backstory of Lipstick On Your Car?

I’m not sure I should admit this haha but the song is actually a true story. One of my friends was cheated on, and so me, her, and a couple of our other friends decided to go to the guys car and write on it in lipstick. Unfortunately I think a lot of people can relate to the situation, but writing it I was hoping to give people who have been in the same situation some kind of release. Sometimes the only closure you need is calling someone out for what they did wrong.

Where did you write the song?

I wrote it while I was home from college for the summer in Massachusetts! I didn’t really plan on writing a revenge style song, but when I sat down to write the memory came to mind, and I thought it was too good of a story to not make into a song.

Hayley Giovinazzo Music

What’s your favorite lyric from the song?

I think my favorite lyric is “do you recognize this from the color of my kiss”, I think it paints a clear image of what’s happening. It’s about getting back at the guy using something that had good memories tied to it, the lipstick. He wrecked a good relationship by cheating, so he’s called out with a kiss goodbye.

What else would you like to add about the song?

While it’s a revenge style song, it’s also a song about letting go of someone who may have shown some red flags from the beginning. It’s the second song I’ve released, so I hope people enjoy it!

Are you working on any new music?

I am! I have two more releases coming in the next few months, but I am also writing a TON of music that I am already super excited for.

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